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What does 'length tolerance' mean?

Length tolerance is the variation in length of the cut pieces. All industrial processes will involve some degree of variation and eliminating this variation can sometimes become very challenging and expensive.

Standard tolerance for the textile related materials that we cut is 1% - 2% of the target cut length. For example, if your target cut length is 50" the length variation with normal tolerance means the actual pieces could be range from 49.5" to 50.5", for a variation of 1". 

Many materials however do not vary this much. We'll be happy to run samples to determine the tolerance levels we can offer on your cut job. 

Occasionally the tolerance can be improved by running the material slower, or using additional equipment. This increases both the risk, cost, and waste factor of the job and is priced accordingly. 

It's important that you know what level of tolerance is required for your product. For more information, please complete our ESTIMATE or  CONTACT FORM.

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